About Us!

What We Do 


Our capabilities include densifying, grinding, shredding, and blending, with our main focus on reclaim and compounding. ACE Plastic Inc. provides full commercial and industrial repro regrinds and plastic recycling services and trading. We focus on economically beneficial solutions for our customers. ACE Plastic Inc. provides unparalleled services and competitive prices. ACE Plastic Inc. also has the ability to export material to any country all over the world. We have business clients throughout United States, Canada, India, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and several other countries. We deal with our clients making their dealing smooth painless and more profitable. We are able to transport and process the material effectively through industry leading process and workflows. With our dedicated fleet of transporters and efficient logistics management, we can help you move your material in an efficient manner. We arrange for transportation anywhere in North America on-spot basis and on-trailer drop basis.

Why Choose Us

01. Industry Expertise:

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the plastic recycling industry.

02. Environmental Commitment:

Our recycling processes are designed to minimize environmental impact, contributing to a healthier planet.

03. High-Quality Output:

Our commitment to quality ensures that our recycled plastic materials meet stringent standards.

04. Competitive Pricing:

As one of the very first recycling companies in the United States, we know the business inside and out.