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We have over 12 years of experience in the plastics recycling industry. Specifically, we have expertise in manufacturing, buying, selling and recycling plastics throughout the world. We place top priority on the customer service experience with every transaction and we value excellent product quality as our highest attribute.


Plastics Recycling And Toll Processing 


We offer you a complete, customized recycling system. We use the latest techniques for recycling plastics. Our facilities in Illinois currently handle over millions of pounds per year. We currently have state of art facility for the post-consumer HDPE & LDPE processing equipment's. We operate our facilities with a commitment to continuous improvements in equipment and plastics technology. ACE Plastic Inc. is a global company serving North America, South America, Europe and Asia. You're invited to visit our facility in Chatsworth IL. We believe plastic recycling is an important and needed service, and we are proud to call ourselves “the best in the industry”.

We purchase both post-industrial and post-consumer HDPE and LDPE plastic scrap. Our stringent quality standards ensure that the materials meet specific criteria for cleanliness and purity. We value long-term relationships with our suppliers, offering reliability and consistency in our transactions.

We provide a wide range of meticulously sorted and high-grade HDPE and LDPE plastic scrap suitable for various applications. Our materials undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure purity and compliance with industry standards. We arrange prompt shipping and delivery to your specified location.

Recycling Services


Recycling have over 12 years of experience in the plastics recycling industry. Our capabilities include densifying, grinding, shredding, and blending, with our main focus on reclaim and compounding. ACE Plastic Inc. provides full commercial and industrial repro regrinds and plastic recycling services and trading. We focus on economically beneficial solutions for our customers. ACE Plastic Inc. provides unparalleled services and competitive prices.