ACE Plastics Tolling Services

1. Sorting

We offer our customers the service of sorting plastics according to their plastic grade. We have qualified staff that could sort plastic according to plastic grade, color, size etc.

2. Shredding/ Grinding/ Size Reduction

ACE Plastic Inc. offers our customers this size reduction service to provide them with the highest quality regrinds at affordable rates. ACE can regrind plastic parts and scrap up to 4'x4'x4' in size and reduce them down to 3/8" - 5/16" granulated chip. Over the years, thousands of types of plastics have been developed for different applications and products. Buying high quality plastic material at the right price can be difficult at best.

The recycled plastics market is a good way to locate the material that you need at much more attractive prices whether you need regrind, pellets, or virgin.The process of tolling invariably begins with the size reduction of raw material. While there are a variety of granulation methods, we typical use a granulator to grind down the plastic into usable regrind form for further processing.

3. Washing Line (Hot & Cold Wash)

Our custom built dual wash line processes post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, washing and drying material to be clean of contaminants such as paper, metal, other plastics, etc.

4. Densifying

These Densifiers produce 1000 to 1200 pounds per hour of densified material. Material is fed into the densifier from the top. As the shredding progresses, the film begins to melt and begins to resemble dough. Water is then added and steam is dissipated through a venting process. What is left is material that resembles popped popcorn. The material is ejected from the machine and the process begins again.

5. Blending

We provide post blending of reprocessed resin/pellets for uniform consistency using state of art silo blending techniques.

6. Pelletizing & Compounding

ACE Plastic Inc. knows polymers. We have expert knowledge of color and additive incorporation and dispersion into polymers, as well as a deep understanding of their characteristics. This enables us to offer the most efficient additive and color solutions. For further information on white, color or a host of additive master batches, please visit our Product List section. Our quality metrics and assurance processes are required at every level of the compounding stages. We constantly endeavor to maintain the highest standards of service, technology, manufacturing and sales. Our customer service department is driver to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to face your most challenging requests and problems.